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Marcus Santamaria's "How to Speak Spanish" Review

Website: http://www.how-to-speak.com/

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Category(ies): MP3, ebook, Online Learning, Spanish
Levels: Beginners and Intermediate Level Learners
Best suited for Fast Learn Spanish
In the package:
  1. ebook "Shortcut to Spanish", the Guide to Learning Spanish Fast, 276 Pages;
  2. 31 Audio Lessons in MP3 for Clear Spanish Speaking;
  3. 132 Printable Flashcards to Reinforce Your Spanish Learning;
  4. Your Personal Spanish Coach (Marcus Santamaria, creator of the system) via email support;
  5. CueCard, a flashcard software that you can use to create your own flashcards. PC only. Not for Mac.
Delivery (Shipping): The whole package will be delivered via the internet. That is, this is a download-only package.
Warranty: Full Money Back Guarantee within 90 days if not satisfied
Purchasing Options: $19.95 (This is the only option)
Recommended study companion: Synergy Spanish: Learn how to turn 138 Spanish words into 88,000 Spanish sentences. (Click on the link will open a new window so that you can still finish this review)
Reviews (by Bing W. Lü): The "How to Speak Spanish" course developed by Marcus Santamaria fully utilizes the available shortcuts to learn Spanish for English speakers. Note: if you are not an English speaker, this course might not be for you.

There are basically four shortcuts:

  1. Paring English words to Spanish words: for example, plastic vs. plastico; panic vs. panico. There are 31 paring categories. And this could enable you to learn 3013 Spanish words very easily from your English vocabulary.
  2. Using mnemonics to learn Spanish words. By this way you can really learn Spanish fast.
  3. Mastering the the most used Spanish words. Research showed that 100 most frequent Spanish words are repeated over and over in 50% of all communications. This could maximally speed up your communication in Spanish in minimum time.
  4. Creating real Spanish to say what you want to say so that you can communicate in Spanish. That's right, to use it and then you master it.

One good  thing is that they have the 90 days money back guarantee. Since the course will only take 31 days, there is actually nothing for you to lose. The package is sold by ClickBank, which has a very good reputation on the handling of returned digital products.

Their website design is quite unique. They put everything in one single page. This might look somewhat intimidating for the first time. But you will like it the second time you visit the page: you will not need to waste time navigating around to find your information. After all, you only need to bookmark one page - their homepage.


A sample testimonial from "How to Speak Spanish" website: "Your course has been so helpful and there are so many things that I can say but none would fit better than THANK YOU. I am a Military Officer (Army) and I took the course to relate better with my Spanish speaking soldiers and I have learned more from this course than in two college course."
Clifton D. Bass, CPT, US ARMY
Websites: http://www.how-to-speak.com/

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